I Was Born a Business Woman

True story- It all started way back at the lemonade stand. Most children love to play with toys, while I was turning lemons into record profits. It's simple- I've always had the passion to succeed and my enthusiasm reflects my quality of work.
My lemonade stand taught me some very valuable entrepreneurial concepts, such as the functions of a distributor, how to increase cost of goods sold, and apply mark-ups for additional profits. Most of all, I learnt to respect the effect a business can have on a community and my guiding principles are my strong business ethics and my dedication.

What I Do

I am currently a third year business student at Lakehead University. My main focus is in international business and my minor is marketing. I consider myself a very creative person and in my spare time, I enjoy painting, crafting, and making jewelry. I intend on applying my creativity to enhance my business innovation.

In the Future

I see myself working for or owning a company that has strong core values for animal welfare, reducing carbon footprints, and ethically sourcing products.

Kelly Mahoney would donate $15,000 to Kitty Kare to change the world